Vendors We Love: The Greenhouse Picker Sisters

We sat down for a Q&A with two of our favorite girl bosses and friends: The Greenhouse Picker Sisters. Holly and Amanda are sisters who started their own speciality rental company and have since become a major name in the events industry all over North Carolina.

These two ladies are truly an inspiration and fantastic to work with. We work with them on just about every wedding we do. From farm tables, to lounge furniture, to vintage plates, The Greenhouse Picker Sisters have a wide variety of styles and items that you can rent for your event! They put every ounce of passion and heart they have into this business, and you can truly tell from their dedicated customer service to the personal touches they add for each client.

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Q: What is The Greenhouse Picker Sisters?
A: We are real sisters who run our specialty rental company and Marketplace where we also host small events. We love what we do! We are beyond thankful to have a business that we can do together as a family.

Q: What type of events have you been a part of?
A: We are a part of weddings, corporate events, baby showers and small parties. We have been a part of so many unique events and styles. However, one that stands out to me is a Disney wedding that was done in such a beautiful classic way. The tables and décor looked like you stepped right into a story book and we loved every minute.

Q: What different styles do you have in your inventory?
A: We have the perfect piece for every Bride! Whether they are doing a full vintage wedding, boho, or even classic chic, we have it all. We have a vast collection of couches, chairs, farm tables, buffets, arbors, and even rugs. Our goal is to choose pieces that reflect the bride and groom and bring their venue to life.

Q: What does a typical Saturday look like for your business?
A: Our Saturdays are packed and super busy. We typically have three to ten events a Saturday. We always start off by doing one last check on our trucks and then we head off. We always start off by getting Starbucks and then head to our events. Every event looks different for us. Some events are simple drop offs and then many of them are full styling. We are so thankful for our business and what we get to do every Saturday!

Q: What would be the first step for brides considering renting from you?
A: When thinking about rentals, it is best to browse our website so you can see our extensive collection. Following that, we would love to hear from them and meet in person. We love to meet brides for coffee so they can see all of the fun first hand.

Q: What should brides think about when deciding between delivery and picking it up themselves?
A: We started this company with a heart to serve our clients and the wedding industry better. We can promise you that paying for delivery is the way to go. We want to take the stress off of your family and your event planner. When we deliver, we put every item in place. It really takes the pressure off everyone and it is so worth the cost!

Q: How far away do you deliver?
A: Our traditional delivery is about two hours away but we do travel further with enough notice and planning.

Q: What additional services besides the rentals do you offer?
A: We partner with all of our vendors and can provide styling if needed to help accomplish the overall vision of their wedding day. We also have a small event space that can be styled for events.

Q: What is one thing you wish brides would understand or think about for their wedding?
A: The number one thing that we tell all of our brides is that they need a good event planner, like Vision Events. They can help you navigate through your budget and make the best decision to have the wedding you really want!

We truly love working with the entire Greenhouse Picker Sisters team. They are a treat to see on wedding days and always bring joy and happiness wherever they go. Check out all their inventory on their website and their awesome social media pages! You won’t be disappointed in this lovely duo; we never are!

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