A Guide to Seating at Your Wedding

Seating charts. Escort cards. Place cards. What’s the difference? Here’s all you need to know about seating at your wedding.

The first question you may ask is “Do I really need assigned seating?” The answer is YES. If your wedding or event has more than 25 people, assigned seating is best. It gives guests direction and helps prevent them from standing around not knowing what to do.

A seating chart is a large display that shows all the guests’ names and the table at which they are seated. It’s best to do this alphabetically instead of by table numbers. This will ensure a line doesn’t build up by the chart. For the best flow of your event, you need a seating chart for any kind of meal: plated, buffet or family style. And it’s a chance for a pretty eye-catching display!

Escort cards are small, typically paper but you can get creative in this aspect, cards that guests pick up and take to their table. This card shows their names and table numbers, and “escorts” them to their table.

Place cards are placed at each setting and show names and potentially, a menu marker. If you are having a plated dinner where the guests picked their entree beforehand, you can create a small symbol or color code that the escort card reflects. It can be a simple difference that only the planner and catering staff know and recognize, like pictures of chickens and cows, or a different colored design. This makes for a seamless delivery of meals at dinner time.

The fun part is you can get so creative with this! We love finding cute ways to display names and cards. You can even incorporate your guests’ party favors. Trending now are acrylic nameplates for each of your guests to take with them. Keys, a sweet treat, a little animal figurine so your guests can “find their party animal”, a pumpkin with a calligraphied name, the options are endless! Be creative and use personal touches that your guests will always remember!

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