Tips for Creating a Perfect Wedding Registry

There are a million reasons why weddings are so wonderful — one is the gifts that you receive! Getting to make a wish list of everything you may need or want to start your new life with your partner can be exciting. However, the numerous stores, online registries, and etiquette can be a lot to take in. Here’s a quick guide for creating a perfect wedding registry.

While Emily Post’s etiquette steers clear from directly asking your guests for gifts, we know many people want to buy items for the new couple in celebration. A wedding gift registry is your chance to get gifts that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself or your household. It’s an opportunity to receive quality items that you’ll use for years to come. You can register for fine china, linens, and other household items that are more elegant than your everyday items. If you and your partner are just starting out and need basic items like pots and pans, register for those too!

It is best to be registered at two places, maybe three if you want a mix of national stores and local stores. You don’t want to overwhelm your guest with too many store options. Always register for different things at each store and have a variety of different priced items for every budget. These few tricks and tips will help to create a registry that is easy for your guests and yourself!

One of the biggest registry faux pas is to include the information on your wedding invitation — please do not do this! Traditional etiquette says the right way to inform guests of your registry is by word of mouth only.  If you do feel like you want to be more clear, you can inform guests where you are registered on your wedding website. If you’re including a detail card in your invitation suite, you can give the link to your wedding website and the guests can take it from there. Word of mouth is always the best choice though! You never want to assume that guests need to bring you a gift because their presence at your wedding is their present.

Zola has a great way to have all your registry items in one place! You can add any item from any online store to your Zola registry with an easy browser extension. They also offer a 20% post-wedding discount on items you didn’t receive. WOOHOO!

Check out what couples in each state are registering for this year brought to you by Zola! North Carolina’s top pick is the Parachute Classic Bath Towel. Have you added it to your registry yet? 

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