How To Prepare For A Bridal Show

It’s January! That means it’s the month for all sorts of fun bridal shows! If you got engaged over the holidays, or even before then, you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the events that will take place this month. Bridal shows are a great way to meet vendors in your area, see their work first hand, and ask them questions you have about their services. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get your bridal party besties together for some food, drinks, and plenty of fun and freebies! Here are some great tips to consider when attending a show:

Come early

Showing up early is a must. It gives you the opportunity to start talking with vendors before they get crowded with other couples, and it puts you first in line in case there are any special giveaways or goodies for the first few people in the door.


Charge your phone

You’ll get all kinds of inspiration at a bridal show, and you’ll absolutely want to take pictures of it. Plus, it’s a day with your besties, and you can’t take too many pictures.

Wear comfortable shoes

Most shows last a couple of hours, and if it’s a larger show, there can be a lot of ground to cover. Expect to be on your feet the whole time, and walking for a lot of it. Wear comfy shoes and your feet will thank you, we promise!


Bring your calendar and your inspirations

You don’t have to have every picture from your Pinterest board ready to go, but finding vendors that are the perfect fit for you will be much easier if you can show them a few ideas from your vision. Vendors will also usually want to set appointments to discuss your wedding and their services further, so have your agenda readily available, so that you can get on their schedule!


Create contact stickers

These don’t have to be fancy, but you’ll be amazed how much a little sticker with your name, contact info, and wedding date will come in handy. Many vendors have drawings or giveaways during a show, so there will be plenty of forms for you to fill out. Save yourself the time, and the hand cramps and just bring along stickers!

Stay until the end

You never know what surprises you may encounter by staying until it’s over – that giveaway you forgot about, leftover cake samples from one of the bakers, or an extra round at a photo booth. We promise it will be well worth it. Plus, you’ll have the full attention of that last vendor you’re talking to.


Just have fun!

This seems like it should be obvious, but we’ll mention it just in case! Remember that this process isn’t meant to be stressful. Enjoy a day full of talking about how you met your sweetheart and enjoying some free goodies. Don’t feel like you have to find and book all of your vendors in those couple hours and you’ll end up having a much better time.


Remembering these tips will have you walking out of each show feeling happy, productive, and even more excited about your wedding. If you want more tips on bridal shows or planning, contact us today! And don’t forget to come see us this Sunday, January 28, 2018, at the Sandhills Wedding Expo at The Fair Barn in Pinehurst!

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